New Hyper Casual Mobile Games Developer and Publisher launches in the UAE

Jun 1, 2020 | Latest News

1st June 2020 – a brand new UAE-based mobile game developer and publisher, today announced the launch of its operations from their global headquarters in Dubai Production City kicking off activities in cooperation with Brand Dubai supporting an animated COVID-19 awareness campaign. Boss Bunny will specialise in the development and publishing of mobile games in the hyper casual and casual segments.

Boss Bunny is a strong team of regional and global gaming development & publishing specialists who will contribute to the ever growing GCC & MENA mobile gaming industry. The studio is spearheaded by Chairwoman and Founder Aziza Alahmadi and CEO and co-founder Geraint Bungay.

“The UAE efforts in combating the spread of COVID-19 have been nothing short of phenomenal,” commented gaming industry veteran, CEO and co-founder of Boss Bunny Geraint Bungay. “We are proud to launch our activities in cooperation with Brand Dubai to engage the public and promote safety and awareness as Dubai and the UAE re-open.”

Brand Dubai Safety Campaign AR

Brand Dubai Safety Campaign ENG

Boss Bunny’s strategy is built on tapping into the region’s incredible gaming audience and creating games specifically designed for MENA’s mobile gamers, while building strategic relationships with developers, the community at large, and attracting local and regional talent.

“The Middle East is home to a flourishing smartphone landscape with an average penetration of 80%+ of those under 25” added Geraint. “Add to this increased investment in infrastructure and a burgeoning tech savvy and connected young population and we have the makings of an extremely dynamic market for mobile gaming with incredible potential for us as a homegrown developer and publisher. We aim to become a key part of this eco-system by providing quality and Arabised mobile titles to the millions of gamers in the region.”

Boss Bunny will start to roll out its first titles over the coming weeks. “We will be launching initially, with some test titles in order to establish the best routes to market for Hyper Casual games in the region and to refine our messaging. This will be quickly followed with the release of our first “full” games in June and a continuous roll out of new games every month. The planned format will allow us to both be nimble and adjust to the player experience feedback we derive from the games” States Annabel Bristow, Boss Bunny Games Marketing Director.

Boss Bunny will be based in a custom-built development studio in Dubai Production City, which will house the full team. “The GCC & MENA have established themselves as leading regional and global hubs for creativity and innovation” adds Aziza “and we look forward to contributing towards the mobile gaming growth for these regions supporting the development of mobile games. We have a clear vision of becoming a leading developer and publisher of hyper casual and casual mobile games, and I believe we have the right ambition and market conditions to attract and nurture the best local and regional talents to achieve this goal.”

About Boss Bunny

Boss Bunny Games is a mobile game publisher and developer based in Dubai, UAE.  It was founded in 2020 with an initial focus on hyper casual and casual F2P mobile games.  With its own internal development teams and external partner studios and developers Boss Bunny will publish a constant stream of great games globally with a focus on the MENA region with localized titles.  Boss Bunny aims to firmly establish itself as the go-to publisher for developers looking to reach the dynamic and expanding audience in the Middle East and as the strong brand players know they can trust for quality, fun games.

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Annabel Bristow
Marketing Director – Marketing Boss