Boss Bunny launches new free to play casual shooter game, Spy 39, in both Arabic and English

Feb 11, 2021 | Latest News

Geraint “G” Bungay, Co-Founder & CEO from Boss Bunny: “Our journey continues in the MENA region to develop & publish new and engaging mobile games”

In Spy 39, players assume the role of Agent 39 as they take on the underground world of spies to find some missing agents. With a gentle introduction taking on enemy forces with a single tap shooting mechanic the game becomes progressively harder with bigger levels and more enemies to take on, featuring an array of bosses and bonus rounds. Agents can also tap into disguises to fool their enemies, upgrade their weapons and initiate other boosters that will help them survive and succeed in their mission.

Geraint “G” Bungay, Co-Founder & CEO from Boss Bunny commented “Spy 39 marks a key milestone for Boss Bunny, as it marks our first launch of 2021, utilising the learning as we continue our journey to explore the GCC/MENA as an exciting market to develop & publish games. Accuracy and quick reflexes are key to mastering all 180 levels in Spy 39, but players will also need their wits and quick thinking as they get tested around every corner thanks to the increasing difficulty, multiple enemy types, and end-of-level bosses. It’ll definitely be a challenge, but one I’m sure many will want to overcome and triumph over to collect our in-game achievements for bragging rights.”

For those that love casual shooter games, players will love the easy journey into the role of a successful agent! Spy39 requires you to stay alert through each level and keep yourself disguised so you won’t be recognized by your enemies. Upgrade your weapons and make your aim accurate by using the multiple boosters to keep you alive in your mission.

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Annabel Bristow
Marketing Director – Marketing Boss