Cosmopolitan Interview: How I got my job as… the marketing director of Boss Bunny Games

Aug 5, 2020 | Latest News

Annabel Bristow

If you thought the gaming industry was reserved for 18-year-old boys, think again. It’s time to get rid of this age-old myth, and here to do so is Annabel Bristow, marketing director of Bossy Bunny Games, a place where over 80% of the workforce are women

Tell us about your role…
I am the marketing director and a board member at Boss Bunny Games, a casual mobile game developer and publisher based in Production City. We are committed to creating gaming experiences for the region and want them to be really rooted within the culture and the language. My day-to-day activities involve taking care of all the marketing plans and communication within the company, the art direction and gamer user insight.

The people who shaped your career…
Because I started work so young (19), I didn’t do any internships, but I had some amazing mentors. Annie Sullivan at THQ; Ian Curran, who’s President and COO of SEGA America; and David Reeves at Play Station… all of them have been instrumental in my career.

Advice to those following in your footsteps…
Firstly, be humble in the work place – that’s the most important. How somebody treats you is a true reflection of themselves. And secondly, which I apply every day, is to go for whatever you want in life, do it with passion and always keep learning. Don’t ever settle.

Your first job interview outfit…
I wore a ’90s suit that will not be suitable for the grid in this day and age!

The best thing about working in gaming…
Just ow advanced it is! It moves so fast, it never stops, your feet don’t touch the ground, and every day there’s something new you’re learning. I also love that on a global scale, it’s one big community. It’s like a big family.

And the most challenging…
Because it’s so fast, you have to be really organised. It is very precise, there’s deadlines to be reached, and everything has got a milestone. I always compare it to having a baby, you spend month growing and building a project and you’ve got to let it go into the world.

Your favourite game to play…
If you want to see an angry competitive side of me then UFC and Street Fighter are my go-tos. But Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom on PS3 has to be the biggest contender for me. I’m not kidding, it’s my favourite.

Boss Bunny is a strong team of regional and global gaming development & publishing specialists who will contribute to the ever growing GCC & MENA mobile gaming industry. The studio is spearheaded by Chairwoman and Founder Aziza Alahmadi and CEO and Co-Founder Geraint Bungay.

About BossBunny Games:
Boss Bunny Games is a mobile game publisher and developer based in Dubai, UAE.  It was founded in 2020 with an initial focus on hyper casual and casual F2P mobile games.  With its own internal development teams and external partner studios and developers Boss Bunny will publish a constant stream of great games globally with a focus on the MENA region with localized titles.  Boss Bunny aims to firmly establish itself as the go-to publisher for developers looking to reach the dynamic and expanding audience in the Middle East and as the strong brand players know they can trust for quality, fun games.

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Annabel Bristow
Marketing Director – Marketing Boss