Gamers Lounge Dubai, Podcast Episode 11 – Interview with G (Co- Founder and CEO) & Hammam (Head of Localisation)

Jul 23, 2020 | Latest News

Gamers Lounge Dubai Podcast

Welcome to our eleventh episode of Gamers Lounge Dubai Podcast. In this episode, we sit down with the Boss Bunny Games team and dive deep into developing hyper-casual mobile games for the region, the journey of developing mobile games and the localisation focus.

Boss Bunny is a strong team of regional and global gaming development & publishing specialists who will contribute to the ever growing GCC & MENA mobile gaming industry. The studo is spearheaded by Chairwoman and Founder Aziza Alahmadi and CEO and Co-Founder Geraint Bungay.

About BossBunny Games:
Boss Bunny Games is a mobile game publisher and developer based in Dubai, UAE.  It was founded in 2020 with an initial focus on hyper casual and casual F2P mobile games.  With its own internal development teams and external partner studios and developers Boss Bunny will publish a constant stream of great games globally with a focus on the MENA region with localized titles.  Boss Bunny aims to firmly establish itself as the go-to publisher for developers looking to reach the dynamic and expanding audience in the Middle East and as the strong brand players know they can trust for quality, fun games.


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Annabel Bristow
Marketing Director – Marketing Boss