Boss Bunny and Kris Fade presents: Fade Fit Fun arrives on IOS, Android & App Gallery bringing healthy eating to life!

Mar 21, 2021 | Latest News

Boss Bunny – a mobile game Developer & Publisher based in the UAE and Kris Fade; the popular UAE Virgin Radio host together have launched Fade Fit Fun, a new fast paced, level-based runner mobile game aimed at motivating players to adopt a healthy lifestyle inspired by Fade Fit Kids snacks.

The action packed mobile runner game aims to raise awareness towards adopting a healthier lifestyle encouraging players to eat good food in the form of Fade Fit Snacks while enjoying the fun gameplay mechanics across 14 exciting levels. Play as Kris, Brianna, Noushie, Kikki and many more cute characters to run & jump across each level collecting nutritious Fade Fit Snacks enabling players to unlock different characters.

Collect the keys throughout each level to unlock skins and even more exciting new levels. Keys can also be spent on buying extra lives, protective shields or using the great “kite” booster to help guide you through the trickier parts. Players must avoid collecting “bad food” or the world will start crumbling away and the level will be lost!

Geraint “G” Bungay, CEO and Co-Founder of Boss Bunny states:

“The Boss Bunny team are delighted with this strategic Kris Fade partnership. Fade Fit Fun aims to establish healthy habits in the minds of the players through game content that is both exciting & fun encouraging them to adopt ways that will lead to healthy life choices and improve the quality of life in the community. This is a positive step towards highlighting how games are becoming a social means to create a positive impact to the communities as a whole”

Kris Fade, Founder of Fade Fit stated:

“I have always dreamt of creating a Fade Fit game, not simply for entertainment purposes but for educational ones. I am very excited to introduce this game to the millions of people in the GCC and MENA regions and the world as a whole. I thank Boss Bunny the Publisher and Developer of this game on their brilliant efforts and creativity that made this game a reality”

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Annabel Bristow
Marketing Director – Marketing Boss